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Snooker Cues

Britannia Snooker Cue 3/4 jointed:  (5592-042)

Britannia Snooker Cue 3/4 jointed

18/08/2022 20:12:59
This beautiful, premium quality, cue is made of the finest professional quality ash, with a 4 point rosewood and hand spliced black ebony butt inlaid with ebony and maple sycamore veneers that encompass the butt sleeve. With a brown-stained birdseye maple front splice with a chamfer which is embellished with a mother of pearl circle Britannia cue emblem inlaid into the butt sleeve.

All these cues are hand crafted and hand spliced using the very finest of hardwoods from around the globe.
Hand spliced ebony features on each cue, sometimes coupled with machine spliced rosewoods, sometimes just plane, but always to the very highest standards possible in cue manufacture. Our craftsmen painstakingly season all the woods to the perfect moisture level to ensure we have no risk of shrinkage. Shrinkage often reveals itself in raised joint flanges (sharp edges either side of the joint), cracks in the butt or even knocking sounds coming from the cue when striking a cue ball. Every precaution has been taken to ensure this will not happen in these cues.
The exotic timbers are spliced to perfection paying particular care to ensure all splices where they meet the ash are exactly the same length as seen on only the very finest premium hand made cues. 9.5mm brass ferrule with the ultimate Diamond plus blue leather tip are fitted as standard.

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Just to let you know the soccer table is all put together and hiding in the garage. My husband (who is ultra fussy about these things) said how impressed he was with the instructions and the way all the components were not only there but also so well labelled!  Many thanks.
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